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Taizhou Tianli Iron Core Manufacturing Co. LTD

Tianli iron core, founded in May 2009, covers an area of 40 mu and has a total asset of 90 million yuan. It has a standard plant area of 26000 square meters and 120 employees, including more than 20 with college degrees. Since 2010, the company has introduced three sets of domestic leading equipment: zjx (05) - 1000 / 50, zjx (2005) - 1250 / 80, frequency conversion bj1250-06 and other longitudinal cutting lines from Xi'an Qiyuan; 7 sets of pneumatic HJX (22) - 400, electric HJX (22) - 400 and frequency conversion pneumatic bqhj-800 cross cutting lines. The annual production capacity is 30000 tons. 

According to the ranking of transformer industry, since 2013, our company has entered the top three ranks of transformer cores in China. Since our company was put into operation, the development momentum has been good. In the past three years, the annual tax sales have increased by more than 40%, and in 2016, the tax sales were 200 million yuan. Our company is now listed in Jiangyan Economic Development Zone as a smart grid electrical accessories industry base that is mainly cultivated by Jiangsu smart grid industry alliance.


Our company has established a good corporate image in the society with its strong financial strength, high-quality professionals and high-quality and efficient services, and has been widely trusted and praised by all walks of life and customers. The company has made remarkable achievements in the transformer core market and other related fields due to the excellent leading consciousness of the decision-making level, the positive and enterprising professionalism of all employees, and the support and love of all walks of life. While developing domestic business, it also actively explored foreign business. The company attaches great importance to the scientific and technological content of products, and conducts research and discussion with Yangzhou University Yangzhou Engineering College, attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly develops and explores new products. the processing and service of transformer core and transformer core of our company has passed the national quality management system certification in 2011. As an enterprise, we have been awarded the certificate of "national quality trustworthy enterprise" by China famous brand enterprise promotion association, credit professional committee of national high tech quality supervision and Promotion Committee, quality management system (GB / T19001-2008 / is09001:2008), environmental management system (GB / T24001-2004 / is014001:2004) Occupational health and safety management system (GB / t28001-2011 / ohsa18001:2007) certificate. In 2015, it successively obtained the patent certificates of Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises and enterprise technology centers. In 2018, it won the honorary title of "municipal level: specialized and special small giant enterprise". In 2019, it won the title of "national high-tech enterprise". In 2022, it won the honorary title of "specialized and new small giant enterprise" at the national level.